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DynaSol AP-Express - Controller mode, SVM 3000 connected (on Windows 98) / Version 0.21

Functions & Possibilities

DynaSol AP-Express a new control software for Anton Paar laboratory measurement devices for density and viscosity measurements is under development since 2007. With DynaSol AP-Express different devices like SVM 3000 (Stabinger Viscometer) or DMA 4500/5000 (vibrating tube densimeter) can be controlled. The software enables full automized measurements with temperature scanning programms in the Controller mode. For manual or device controlled measurements the software can be used in the Recorder mode.
The software is still under development to enable reliable measurements with different Anton Paar devices. However, with SVM 3000 multiple measurements were already relaized in 2007.
For necessary basic thermodynamic data (e.g. vapour pressure data) the property data engine
DynaSol ThermoProp is connected to AP-Express. The software was tested and is in use on different Microsoft Windows operating systems (98, XP, Vista). It should run on systems with Windows 95, 98, NT, ME, 2000, XP, or Vista.

Devices which can be connected and controlled with DynaSol AP-Express

The devices are connected to a usual personal computer with at least one RS232 port (second port for optional liquid thermostat necessary).



DynaSol AP-Express is available as preliminary version for SVM 3000 control. The software requires DynaSol ThermoProp (Expresso Edition).

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