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DynaSol - dynamic solutions development

DynaSol is an independent software and technological development label. DynaSol was founded in 1999 by Christian Ihmels and is an extension of CI-SOFT founded in 1989 and other scientific work. DynaSol develops creative solutions for scientific and technical tasks and problems.

Since 1989 Christian Ihmels develops software for private, scientific, and technical applications. The programs were and will be developed in different programming languages: GW-BASIC, Turbo Pascal (DOS), Turbo Pascal for Windows, Fortran, Visual Basic, C++ Builder, Delphi, Visual Basic for Applications (VBA). Competence was build up in wide areas of software development. Started with small programs in BASIC, a cycloid-generator, a bank transfer manager (Pascal), from data bank software (MS-DB's, SQL), e.g., for music notes management and correlation software for scientific data or Excel AddIns in VBA up to complex control and evaluation software for scientific-technical measurement systems as modular software systems and internet applications. Since 1996 Christian Ihmels works in the field of theoretical (correlation and prediction of thermophysical data) and experimental (e.g. development of automated measurement systems) thermodynamics. The experience of more than 20 years in developing software solutions and technological experience is bundled in...

  DynaSol software and technology development divisions:

  Scientific Computing
Applications for scientific and technological tasks (e.g., DynaSol ThermoProp, 3D-Plot)
  Measurement Automation - Realtime controlling software for technical and scientific units
Special controlling software for automated plants and measurement units (e.g. DynaSol AutoTPX, DynaSol AP-Express, ViscoMeasurement).
  Technology Projecting
Projecting of technology developments (e.g., measurement and control devices for property measurements and process control)

The copyright of all developed software applications and all program names are by Christian Ihmels.
Several program names are trademarks of other companies (e.g., Windows and Excel are trademarks of Microsoft Inc.)

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