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DynaSol AutoTPX - Density Measurement Edition (on Windows Vista) / Version 3

History & Background

DynaSol AutoTPX the new automated measurement control software for temperature and pressure dependent density, speed of sound and thermal conductivity measurement was released in 2007. After 10 successful years this software succeedes DynaSol Densitas per Motum. The software unites the functionality of Densitas per Motum for vibrating tube density measurement control and DynaSol Lambda Express for hot wire thermal conductivity measurement control. Moreover, the control of a speed of sound measurement cell is integrated.

Densitas per Motum - Density Measurement since 1997 at University of Oldenburg and LTP GmbH.

The Densitas per Motum software package is the controling system (for Windows NT/XP) for the high-temperature (up to 623 K) and high-pressure (up to 40 MPa) vibrating tube densimeter prototyp DMA-HDT. The measurement system and various versions of the software around the densimeter were developed by Christian Ihmels in his master thesis (1997/98) [Computergestützte Messung von Flüssigkeitsdichten (German)] and then extended and improved in his PhD work (from 1998 to 2001) [Informationen zur Doktorarbeit von Christian Ihmels über Dichtemessungen (German)] at the University of Oldenburg in a project at Industrial Chemistry - Prof. Dr. J. Gmehling.

Since 1997 the DMA-HDT, the control computer and finally the control-program are working 24 hours a day and almost 365 days a year measuring several thousand data points for scientific and commercial projects at the University of Oldenburg and the institute Laboratory for Thermophysical Properties (LTP GmbH).
For more details relating the measurement system, please see also:
E. C. Ihmels and J. Gmehling, Densities of Toluene, Carbon Dioxide, Carbonyl Sulfide, and Hydrogen Sulfide over a Wide Temperature and Pressure Range in the Sub- and Supercritical State, Ind. Eng. Chem. Res. 2001, 10, 4070-4077

Lambda Express - Thermal Conductivity Measurements since 2003 at

For automized thermal conductivity measurements using a Flucon Lambda device DynaSol developed since 2003 the software Lambda Express. This software was used intensively at the Laboratory for Thermophysical Properties (LTP GmbH) (institute at the University of Oldenburg) for several years and will be replaced in 2008 by a new version of DynaSol AutoTPX..

ThermoVersum - Independent Experimental Thermodynamics

DynaSol AutoTPX is also the control software for the TVP density - speed of sound setup.

High Pressure Density Measurements in 2008 at University of Oldenburg.

In 2008 a new high pressure density setup is under development using a new version of DynaSol AutoTPX for density measuremnts up to 140 MPa and up to 473 K. The core of the setup will be the new Anton Paar cell DMA HPM.

Controlling different setups for measuring PVT, caloric and transport properties makes DynaSol AutoTPX to the most powerful and most flexible control software developed by DynaSol.

DynaSol AutoTPX

straight - flexible - reliable

Functions & Possibilities

With DynaSol AutoTPX full automated density, speed of sound and/or thermal conductivity measurements as function of temperature and pressure are possible. Units for measurements of the three properties can be combined in one setup-control. Several for the measurements necessary auxiliary devices can be connected and controlled with AutoTPX. DynaSol AutoTPX was tested and is in use on different Microsoft Windows operating systems (NT, 2000, XP). It should run on systems with Windows 95, 98, NT, ME, 2000, XP, or Vista. For necessary basic thermodynamic data (e.g. vapour pressure data) the property data engine DynaSol ThermoProp is connected to AutoTPX. Measurements can be performed in different modes: a quasi manual mode, a simple temperature-pressure-program mode and a measurement program script (MPS) mode for more complex measurement programs.

With DynaSol AutoTPX automated measurements in the temperature range between -50 up to 350 degC and for pressures up to 1400 bar are realized (ranges are depending on the connected devices and may differ for different dependent properties to measure).

Devices which can be connected and controlled with DynaSol AutoTPX

The devices are connected to a usual personal computer with multiple RS232 ports and optional one 8255 card. Currently up to 14 devices can be controlled simultaniously.



DynaSol AutoTPX is available as different editions for different applications (for density, speed of sound and or thermal conductivity measurements). The software includes DynaSol ThermoProp (Expresso Edition).

For further questions or remarks please contact support(at)dynasol.de.

The copyright of the programs and/or names AutoTPX, Densitas per Motum,  Lambda Express, and ThermoProp are by Christian Ihmels.
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