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DynaSol ThermoProp - Version 3 (TP/3)

History & Background

DynaSol ThermoProp unites the functionality of three formerly stand alone programs: The two rudimentary fit programs for TRIDEN and for EOSDEN correlations (both Windows executables) and the Excel Add-In 'TRIDEN Correlation' (for TRIDEN and EOSDEN calculations) are now merged into the new programmed 'DynaSol ThermoProp'. The second highlight is the implementation of Helmholtz type equations of state for precise calculations in all fluid phases. 

TRIDEN is a correlation system for temperature and pressure dependent liquid densities. It was developed in the thesis of Christian Ihmels using the Tait equation (for isothermal compressed densities), the Rackett equation (for saturated liquid densities), and the Wagner equation (for vapor pressures). EOSDEN is a compilation of different (modified) Benedict-Webb-Rubin equations of state (e.g. BWR, Bender-EOS, and MBWR). A reduced Bender-EOS was used in the thesis of Ihmels for the correlation of supercritical densities (instead of the TRIDEN model). For these models two correlation programs were developed between 1998 and 2001 in the thesis using C++ Builder. At the same time the calculation module 'TRIDEN Correlation' was developed as Excel Add-In. In 2001 the development of this correlation software come to an end with the conclusion of the thesis.
In 2002 the development of TRIDEN and the software were continued under the label DynaSol. The new 'DynaSol ThermoProp' (version 3) unites the functionality of both fit-programs and the calculation module 'TRIDEN Correlation' in one new programmed Excel Add-In, including extensive correlation and calculation functions. The EOSDEN and TRIDEN implementations were improved. Since 2003 the up to date Helmholtz type equations of state calculations are implemented (HEOS). Moreover, the functionality was extremely extended. The integrated fit module is more flexible and comfortable and the calculation functions and possibilities are more manifold than ever before. And the development will be continued...

DynaSol ThermoProp

quick - flexible - reliable

Functions & Possibilities

The Excel Add-In 'DynaSol ThermoProp' provides 'user functions' in Excel for all calculations. Now also different units for the properties are available for calculations. Moreover, a 'ThermoProp' menu item in the Excel menu provides additional functions, e.g., for the parameter file handling. Completely new are the 'DynaSol ThermoProp - Correlator' and the 'DynaSol ThermoProp - Calculator'.

The 'DynaSol ThermoProp - Correlator' is reachable via the menu after the data you want to correlate is simply selected in an Excel sheet. In the  'DynaSol ThermoProp - Correlator' window the input properties and units can be defined columnwise. Then a TRIDEN, EOSDEN, or HEOS (only Enterprise Edition) fit can be started after defining the substance (pure or mixture of up to five compounds). For multi-parameter equations the DynaSol Straight Fit Technology is incorporated for very fast and reliable pre-fits. Several options and statistical values are available for the correlations. The parameters can be stored in the parameter files for later calculations.

In the 'DynaSol ThermoProp - Calculator' window quick & ease calculations are possible without typing any userdefined function in an Excel sheet. Simply by selecting (searching) the compound (parameter set)  for the calculations and defining two properties to calculate the third. Also Excel sheets with calculated data (e.g. T-P-roh-alpha table with isothemal, isobaric, or isochoric calculations) can be created here.

The DynaSol ThermoProp Excel Add-In provides extensive calculation functions for an ease of use in Excel sheets.

DynaSol ThermoProp allows the export of HEOS parameter sets to FLD files for the widely used NIST REFPROP (version 8) software (Enterprise Edition only).

Available Calculation Functions for PrT Properties (TRIDEN, EOSDEN, or HEOS)

These calculations are possible using only the correlations of temperature-pressure-density relations. Using the HEOS system more functions are available for the calculation of caloric properties:

Additional Calculation Functions using ideal gas cP (HEOS only)


Editions & Availability

There are three different editions of DynaSol ThermoProp: The smart Expresso Edition for all calculations, the complete Galaxy Edition for TRIDEN and EOSDEN fits (including the Correlator functions), and the extended Enterprise Edition also for HEOS fits. The Expresso Edition is available free of charge but without obligation and only for scientific and non-commercial use on request. This edition can be used on any computer with Windows 98 or higher and MS Excel 97 or higher.
Since 2007 DynaSol ThermoProp is part of the DynaSol control software
AutoTPX and AP-Express.

The software includes:

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