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            DynaSol ThermoProp  - welcome to the free & easy world of consistent thermodynamics
Software for thermodynamic properties correlation and calculation. Including the TRIDEN and EOSDEN correlation systems and Helmholtz energy equations of state (HEOS). DynaSol ThermoProp the flexible DLL with Excel AddIn as user front end.
  DynaSol AutoTPX - welcome to the world of reliable measurement device control
The control software for automated (high) temperature and (high) pressure dependent measurements of density (vibrating tube), speed of sound (acoustic pulse) and thermal conductivity (hot wire).
  DynaSol AP-Express - welcome to the world of flexible & reliable laboratory device control
The flexible control software for Anton Paar SVM 3000 (Stabinger Viscometer), DMA 4500/5000 (vibrating tube densimeter) devices.
  ThermoVersum initiative
The independent, non-commercial thermodynamic research initiative powered by DynaSol.

2008-01-02: DynaSol announces an extended cooperation with the Laboratory for Thermophysical Properties (LTP GmbH) Oldenburg. LTP is an intensive user of DynaSol software like ThermoProp and AutoTPX. LTP is supporting the ThermoVersum initiative powered by DynaSol.
2007-10-01: DynaSol AutoTPX the new automated measurement control software for temperature and pressure dependent density and speed of sound measurement was released. After 10 successful years this software succeedes DynaSol Densitas per Motum.
2007-05-10: DynaSol AP-Express the new control and recorder software for
Anton Paar measurement devices SVM 3000 Stabinger Viscometer and DMA 4500/5000 series densimeter was released as first version
2007-01-15: DynaSol ThermoProp will be the thermodynamic data engine for all new releases of measurement control programs.

The copyright of the programs and/or names 3D-Plot, AP-Express, AutoTPX, EOSDEN, Densitas per Motum, DynaSol, Lambda Express, ThermoProp, ThermoVersum, TRIDEN, and ViscoMeasurement are by Christian Ihmels. All rights reserved.

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